Hi everyone! Kelsey here, founder and creator of Daffolily. I’m a right-brained creator who enjoys all things design and crafty. I am inspired by Jesus, nature, relationships, and WORDS. I find so much comfort in writing things down. Heavenly things, silly things, pure thought, worries, joys, thoughtless ramblings, I write it all! From this passion for writing came a passion for hand lettering. I began this hand lettering journey in November of 2015 and haven’t gotten tired of it yet—in fact it has quickly become a passion of mine!  


 So… Where did Daffolily come from?

The need for a space to showcase designs and writing + I love flowers + daffodil +  lily + crafty crafts + colors + pretty handwriting + love = D A F F O L I L Y

More about me?

AGE: 24

WHERE DO I LIVE??: Southeast Tennessee

SINGLE/MARRIED: married the man of my dreams on May 30th, 2015, everyday's an adventure

DAY JOB: administrative assistant in Alumni Relations at Lee University, job includes: event planning, office organization, social media managing, and relating to alums- I love it!

HOBBIES: interior design, cooking, hospitality, sewing, singing, ice cream, and crafts in every shape or form

What should you expect to see on daffolily.com?

Calligraphy- I plan on displaying fun little doodles and calligraphy projects of mine on the daffolily design portfolio.

Blog Blog Blog- 

CALLIGRAPHY & CRAFTS: nuff said WRITTEN RAMBLINGS: poetry/short stories/thoughts I just need to get out of my head LIFE: adventures/dinner/husband/my opinions/attempts at giving advice

Art projects for you- Are you in the market for a digital print? Painted wood décor? Watercolor designs or oodles and oodles of hand-lettered goodies? Visit my SHOP page.

Custom Creations- I am up for any project you’ll entrust me with. Visit my Contact page to see which services I supply and how to get in touch with me about getting your personalized design.